About Us:



Hails from SLC, PHX & DFW,, but home is out in the wild.

His background bounces through video production, painting motorcycles, remodeling homes, healthcare finance, customizing vehicles, Boy Scouts, vape industry & various startups. He's never made anything he was 100% satisfied with & hopes not to. 

Aspiring sport pilot.


@unKOOLbob- a pseudonym that I picked up for the personality needed to be in front of the camera. There's nothing I hate more than being in front of a camera, so I had to disassociate.

armyROB- a nickname I used to make myself more memorable while working in the Phoenix music scene, producing music videos with motionARMY & TWENTYFOURCORE from 2006 to 2010. 

Past Partners in Crime:

Dan Fusselman

Director, VFX, Animation 


Founder: motionARMY

"Max Reloaded & The Netherblasters"

"Decade of Disturbed"

Rafa Alcantara

Director, Editor


CORE Entertainment

Avenged Sevenfold's "Live in the LBC"

"Decade of Disturbed"

Jacob Reynolds

Director, Editor

Jacob Reynolds Media

Music Videos


Shan Dan Horan

President, Director

Outerloop Records

Artery Recordings

Century Media

Shadow Born Group