kinksta vapes

E-juice Company, Las Vegas

The client that started it all. 

Kinksta Vapes is a vape e-juice brand born in Phoenix, Arizona with distribution throughout 8 regions in the Middle East, & surrounding regions. They needed heavy marketing support in these regions, and through the collaboration our partners we consistently provide web presence, social media marketing content, informational videos & trade show materials in 3 different languages, including:


- Arabic

- Turkish

We also organize & prepare 4-12 trade shows a year for KVI on 3 different continents.


Salt Lake City, Domestic Abuse Victims Non-Profit

The passion project. 

metamorph-assist is a project conceptualized by our founding members, rooted in the belief that we could make an impact in the lives of those parents surviving domestic abuse for the sake of their children's stability. By providing "longer term" private residences, families will have the opportunity to create a safe space, while receiving assistance in the transition to self-sustained livelihood. 

metamorph-assist will provide private housing with a game plan, such as:

-child support during work hours 

-educational or trade assistance for adapting to current work force

-family counseling,

-healthcare resources

-on sight educational support

-vehicle necessities

-a computer lab

-food support

- a community garden

-24 hour security

Funding for this project is from Kinksta Vapes' parent company, Inhale Industries,

& motionARMY media.

hohm free properties

hohm free specializes in "unique use" real estate development. 

Formed a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, hohmfree's purpose is to create 

new spaces and uses for the abandoned commercial space around Salt Lake City.

They  also have a summer mountain getaway under development at East Canyon

Lake, converting 240 acres of unused space just 30 minutes from Park City into a

sustainably sourced, log cabin community called "The Gulch" at Taylor Hollow.

Space is maximized for private small groups or up to 100 guests. 

Real Estate Development/ Property Management

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