Regardless of whether you want your hair curly or straight, up or down, textured or smooth, thick course hair or fine and limp.... look no further! Because we’ve got you covered.

With some of the best licensed stylists in the state to help you achieve all your hair goals for the show, simply book your service and then bring a picture of how you want your hair to look at your appointment. A really good selfie when you had a great hair day, or a inspo picture from Instagram or the internet will work perfect! Then we’ll be able to help you achieve all your hair goals before you even hit the stage. 


*This appointment does NOT include extension installation and is only for those competitors that are working with the hair they’ve got!


*Please come with your hair clean and dry (or it may be up to 1-2 days dirty depending on how oily your scalp gets.) 


Tip: If you are prone to an oily face or eyelids throughout the day, your scalp most likely produces the same excess production of oil. So if you know this is your skin type, please come with hair washed no later than the morning before your show to ensure your style will hold and not fall flat. 

Women's Hair Only Appointment