This service is reserved solely for our toughest clients that have worked their ass off to get this far and want to keep their winning focus the day of their show.

Let a professional to take matters into their own hands the morning of the show so you can breath and focus on what brought you here in the first place: WINNING! We'll remove any unnecessary stress or steps and help you stay confident knowing that your face will pop on stage for the judges and your features wont fall flat in pictures.

All makeup applications are completely customized and taylored to every individual face shape, skin tone, stage outfit and style/color preference of each and every client. The appointment starts with a quick consultation regarding specific requests for your look, then executed with the utmost care while maintaining a safe and sanitary work space throughout the entire appointment. 

All products used are top professional or designer quality. Extra steps are taken in both the prepping and setting stages to ensure your makeup wears flawlessly and evenly throughout your show, with the least amount of maintenance required. You've worked this hard to get this far, let us worry about the rest! Book your session now!


*Touchup sessions may be added to extend the wearability through the day. This is a great suggestion if you think you will be eating or drinking throughout the show or are prone to oiliness (which leads to product breakdown quicker than drier skin.) Mid-day touchup appointments are a great recommendation if you anticipate staying at the show until later in the day or meeting friends and taking pictures after the show. We want you to look fresh and your very best. This appointment is booked seperately and does require a reservation.

Makeup Only Appointment