*This appointment is NOT for the Wasatch Warrior Competition-


it's an exclusive pricing deal of beauty services for any competitor shooting with Rob Norbutt in the month of April- . To book a shoot with him, please go to the link at the bottom of our Wasatch Warrior Shop. 


Worked your ass off all year and ready to take a picture and make it last longer?

Rob is one of the top fitness photographers nationwide and Warpaint Makeup Academy is excited to announce a special pricing exclusive reserved solely for any shoot session booked with Rob at his studio!


In this appointment, you will bring all your outfit options for your shoot and together we will customize the perfect hair and makeup design. Coordinated with Rob’s backdrop options and your wardrobe, you will look and feel like the absolute best version of yourself possible.


Whether you want to glam it up and go all out, or you normally don’t wear makeup and want a more natural look that will still emphasize your best features and not fall flat on camera- we’ve got you!


Hair can be curled or straight, up or down, we just ask that you come with it dry and no more than 2 days dirty. 


Lashes are included and extension installment is only an additional discounted price of $30 (normally $50-$75) payable as an add on at the end of your service with cash, check, venmo, cash app or PayPal.


Pay for your service here in advance and then click the link for Rob and schedule your photoshoot date and time! 


These are some of our favorite shoots of the entire year and we’re excited to share it with you and help showcase all your hard work! 


*Pro Tip: If you have the option of shooting with Rob before your competition takes place,  you should definitely do so. We’ve found from the majority of competition winners that have shot with Rob that a pre-show photoshoot is the best way to prep yourself with:

-extra stage presence

- amazing practice for holding your poses, body awareness and locking yourself into a complete winners mentality.


Placing is not a guarantee, but this is the best practice you can give yourself before all your hard work gets you that win.


Book now and see for yourself!

Photo Shoot w/ Rob Norbutt- Makeup & Hair Appointment

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price