Fighting stereotypes of all kinds is what we do best, and with this service we are here to do exactly that. Although most men may not wear makeup under normal circumstances, if there’s ever a time to break that boundary it’s when you hit the stage or will be in professional pictures. 


In this service, we skip the eyeshadow, lashes and lipstick for our guys and keep it stupid simple with basic men’s grooming. For any men suffering from acne, rosacea, problematic skin or simply wanting a little more of a perfected skin tone with judge-worthy defined bone structure- look no further. 


Come clean shaven to your appointment and we’ll do the rest. Your skin will be prepped with skincare based on your skin type and needs, helping pores to look minimized and skin supple. Any dark circles and puffy eyes will be brightened and treated. Imperfections, discoloration and any breakouts or blemishes on your face flawlessly covered. Defining bone structure with light, natural contour and highlighting your face helps it pop and not fall flat on stage or in pictures. Perfectly groomed brows and moisturized lips help pull everything else together. Your hair will be styled to your exact preference and liking, completing your winning look. 


Remember that most men finding themselves in front of a camera know they need makeup artist services regularly, regardless of their rough and tough exterior. Chris Hemsworth, Jean Claud Van Dam, Jason Statham, and Brad Pitt are perfect examples! So embrace your masculinity, feel your most confident self on the day of show and book your appointment now!


Men's Grooming Package