Sometimes we all make mistakes.

Whether that’s a regrettable tramp stamp on a drunken bender in your early 20’s or a kick-ass scar (from a really good story) that affects the way your body looks- we’re here to help. We have artists specializing in tattoo, scar and birthmark coverups on any place of your body that you want to look as smoothed out and “normal” as possible for your competition. 


Upon booking this service, please include a picture of the area that you would like covered so we can see the exact size, shape and colors we will need to neutralize to even out and ‘erase’ for pictures and day of the show. 


*Please note that any area larger than a 2-3 inch circumference may be subject to a higher amount of time dedicated for full coverup as well as an additional charge. Once you submit a picture we can verify if your area needing to be evened out will be fit within the allotted appointment time or if an additional session may be needed. 

Tattoo/ Scar Coverup