Do you want mermaid hair when you hit the stage to complete your look?


"Long hair don’t care" can be your mantra for this service because we've got you covered on the morning of the show so you can remain stress free.

Simply bring your own clip in extensions, hair piece or wig (already matched to the color of your hair prior to your appointment) and your stylist will style your natural hair to blend and match the extensions and style you desire perfectly. Please bring a picture for reference if you can!


Please come with your hair clean and dry (or it may be up to 1-2 days dirty depending on how oily your scalp gets.) 


Tip: If you are prone to an oily face or eyelids throughout the day, your scalp most likely produces the same excess production of oil. So if you know this is your skin type, please come with hair washed no later than the morning before your show to ensure your style will hold and not fall flat. 


*Please not that we do not provide any hair on site and you must bring your own hair piece or extensions to be installed for this service to be provided. We do not have backup to match your specific hair texture, style and length needed, so please make sure you bring enough hair to achieve the amount of thickness and length desired to your appointment.


Women's Hair & Extension Installation